Cancer, “it’s always something”

My Mom passed away from Lung Cancer at age 66 in 1993. I miss her even today. In 1998 after 7 years of being misdiagnosed for cancer in my left breast I wound up at the Mayo Clinic in Jax. I lost my left breast but not my life or my spirit. Although I had 6 surgeries during the following 6 years. My husband could not support me in any way as I went through the long maze of treatment. I have a great family, co-workers and friends who helped me through those years. I\’m a 16 year survivor but I have LUPUS, RA, Hashimoto Thyroid disease, Ostiopenia and Diabetes but my spirit is still strong and I will live long after my 66th birthday this May. I have so much to do and experience. My sister is a Scientist and has devoted her life to Cancer Research. She started out at Sloan Kettering in NYC where her first boss, James Kauffman was awarded the Noble Prize for Medicine. Life is good.

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