Give It Away

I have been fortunate enough so far in my 63 years of life to have escaped breast cancer, yet I have lost family members to the disease. I came across the article of Mel and her bracelets in People Magazine several years ago and thought “what a great idea.” I ordered one. I have ordered several since then. Here’s the thing though. If you are on this site you more than likely have one of these bracelets, right? Well, anytime anyone asked me about my beautiful bracelet and where did I get it, it gave me a chance to tell Mel’s story and what the proceeds of the purchase of the bracelet went for. I then heard story after story from women of their own struggles with breast cancer, or their mothers, or sisters, or aunts, or best friends. You get the picture. I then gave them my bracelet I was wearing. I am not a wealthy person. I had to wait a decent period of time to be able to order another bracelet. I have to admit I am a little selfish, too. Sometimes I just hated to part with my bracelet. But if I could make someone else feel better, it was worth it!

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