I started wearing Mel’s bracelet several years ago in memory of my sister-in-law’s sisters who both died of breast cancer. In February 2010 my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer so I ordered another bracelet. Somehow it meant so much more.

I work in a doctor’s office and am asked about my bracelets every day. I have been able to share Mel’s story, as well as my own. It is so nice when patient’s return and are so excited to tell me that they have read Mel’s story and have ordered a bracelet for themselves.

My husband lost his battle with cancer on Sept. 5th of this year. I wear my bracelets every day in memory of those who are still battling this terrible disease, as well as those people like my husband who fought hard, but lost the fight. I am so proud to be a part of the Mel’s Bracelet community. Keep up the good work! Maybe some day the word cancer will be deleted from our vocabulary!!

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