I was diagnosed with colon cancer

In August 2013, I was diagnosed with colon cancer metastasized to liver and the lungs. I had a right hemicolectomy in 10/2012. My only option is chemotherapy. I have had 8 cycles of infusion and am awaiting results of my tests to see if I start cycle 9 or go on maintenance. I worked with disabled people for 17 years; working with many cancer patients. Since I was diagnosed, I have learned so much and now can sympathize with those going through the same physical & emotional effects. I have a lot of support from my \”cancer friends,\” family, and my family from church. I do not let the cancer get me down; it is the path the Lord has set for me whether the cancer is contained or not. My hopes and prayers for those suffering from cancer is that they find the same support that I have and to not be afraid of death. Eternity/the Heavens is a special place to be.

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