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Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Posted by Melissa Graves at Jun 02, 2010 06:56 PM |

Prepare for the summer sun by learning some helpful tips to prevent skin cancer and skin damage!

With the bright, sunny summer days quickly approaching, Friends of Mel Foundation would like to remind everyone about the risks of ultraviolet exposure.  While everyone remembers their bathing suits for beach days and potato salad for the cookouts, not everyone remembers to frequently apply sunscreen or seek the cool shade.  Last month, Self Magazine reported statistics from a study completed by the American Society for Dermatologic Survey and Neutrogena regarding skin care knowledge and attitudes towards skin care.  The results from this survey were alarming: only 1 in 5 people apply sunscreen while 1 in 5 individuals will develop skin cancer.  Interestingly, 94% of those surveyed understood sun exposure can cause skin cancer and skin damage but 33% do not think it is necessary to wear sunscreen. To learn more statistics about this study visit Self Magazine’s article.

So how can you protect yourself against skin damage and skin cancer? Follow these simple steps to keep your skin healthy:

  • Apply sunscreen frequently during times you are exposed to harmful UV rays (Don’t forget the back of your neck, face, ears, and hands!)
  • Wear hats and sunglasses to protect your face and scalp
  • Even apply sunscreen on cloudy and hazy days, as these can be just as harmful to your skin as sunny, bright days
  • Find cool, shaded areas during midday hours when the sun is highest in the sky
  • Wear clothing to protect larger areas of your body
  • Remember to check your skin regularly for irregular spots and moles! If you see a spot, call your doc!


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