01-30-13 | MamaBear

From as early as I can remember, cancer-especially the ‘breast’ kind-was a big part of my life.When Mom was in her 40′s (I was 11-1956) she was diagnosed and she survived for 40+ years! Dad and uncle died of multi cancers in 1970; big bro Jerry in 2008. Sister-in-law(or is it sister-in-Love?)1976, baby niece 2009, and numerous friends in retirement home TN-2000-2010, and hometown Cincinnati, OH. OK I know a little about cancer; never had it, just hate it. When a friend gave me a Mel’s bracelet , it became a golden opportunity to make a positive difference. First, I bought my family girls bracelets to memorialize our loved ones. Then, as I was banking and the cashier admired my bracelet and, when I explained the Mel-meaning, said she was a bc survivor, I delighted in just removing it and giving it to her. Wow! I was hooked! Since that day I have given away a lot of bracelets and have a ‘ball’ doing it! Sometimes it’s as a friendship bracelet and, “I get to be one of the blue beads.” Sometimes it’s as a prayer bracelet, and each bead is a prayer from any faith- repeated and entreating God’s continued blessings. Sometimes it is to a survivor of “anything” and I am thankful “you are still here with me.” And, really, in my heart, it is ALWAYS ALL of the above!Memorial, friendship, prayer and survivor. This bracelet is a great conversation starter and constantly admired by others..,”is that a Pandora?” It’s great to tell the Mel story and market/plant the seeds of awareness and prevention while being a listener to others’ stories. I treated myself to a Mother’s Day gift and got a special edition bracelet last year. Now, I keep a ‘regular’ one on hand to give away. Thanks for the chance to share. Next, I’m making an order for more bracelets!

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